CET Exam 2022 : How To Prepare for Haryana CET

CET Exam 2022 : How To Prepare for Haryana CET: Haryana Cet Exam 2022 is just around the corner. Are you prepared? Here is a complete guide to help you prepare for the exam.

I would like to remind you that the official notification for Haryana Cet Exam 2022 has been already released.

If you’re one of the candidates who have been eagerly preparing for this exam, this article will be of immense help to you. This article will discuss the following topics: How to prepare for Haryana Cet Exam? What is the syllabus for Haryana Cet Exam 2022? Including Exam pattern and marks detail. Now let’s move on to discuss each topic in detail.

CET Exam 2022 : How To Prepare for Haryana CETCET Exam 2022 : How To Prepare for Haryana CET

In case you are considering starting preparing for the Haryana CET Exam now, let me tell you it’s too late, but if you follow a proper guide, you can achieve whatever marks you desire. The exam is already scheduled for the month of June, so firstly, plan yourself to complete the entire syllabus of the Haryana CET Exam as early as possible using our preparation guide below.

1. Familiarize yourself with the Haryana Cet Exam Pattern

Before starting preparation, you must be familiar with the exam pattern of the Haryana CET. The pattern is as follows:

The first thing to know is that the CET exam has 100 questions for 100 marks, which means one mark for each question. In addition, this exam does not have negative marks system, meaning that if you answer a question incorrectly, your mark will be deducted from the total.

2. Gather Good Study Material

No matter what you’re preparing for, having good and right study material is very important. The best way to achieve success in the exam is by using quality study material that will help you understand the concepts and theories well.

For example, NCERT textbooks for grades 6 to 10 are a must for any entrance exam, including the CET. You can also read books by popular writers like Arihant and R.S Aggarwal for better preparation for the CET exam.

3. Master the Basics

In order to score well in any entrance exam, you must be familiar with the basic concepts. This means that you must master the basics of grammar, vocabulary, and mathematics.

You should become familiar with the present simple, past simple, future simple, conditional sentences, and gerunds in grammar. It is important to focus on vocabulary words and terms used in everyday life. In mathematics, you should focus on basic concepts like fractions, decimals, tables, and percentages. Try to master all these basic concepts well before the exam in order to save time in the exam.

4. Take Exam Yourself

The best way to prepare for an exam is to take it yourself as a practice exam before the final one. This means that you can practice with the same questions that will be on the actual exam from the previous year’s CET exam question. This will help you become familiar with the format and layout of the questions, and also give you a sense of how long it will take to answer them.

When preparing for an exam, try to schedule time for it every week. As a result, you’ll be able to maintain a consistent level of preparation to avoid feeling overwhelmed during the exam.

5. Learn Time Management

When you prepare for an exam, learning how to manage your time efficiently will be one of the most important things you can do. You should set a schedule for yourself and stick to it. Make sure you allow enough time for each question, and don’t rush through any of them.

You can practice this by solving previous year’s questions or model papers. Make sure you give equal time to each question; if you don’t know the answer, move on to the next.

6. Improve Your Strength and Work On Your Weakness

You must identify and work on your weaknesses and strengths before the exam. Weaknesses are areas where you need to improve your skills. If you identify your weaknesses, work on improving them as much as you can. By doing so, you will be better prepared for the exam. Weaknesses can include writing speed, time management, a lack of confidence in a subject, critical thinking, etc.

There are a few methods that you can use to improve your weaknesses. You can try different techniques or ask for help from friends or classmates. There are also many online resources that you can use to improve your skills.

7. Create Your Own Time Table for Preparation till Exam

Creating a schedule for yourself will help you manage your time and complete the syllabus on time before the exam. This means setting a schedule for yourself and sticking to it. Also, note, make a timetable that’s realistic. As a result, you should not try to fit too many things into one time period. This will only lead to stress and chaos.

Alternatively, you can get a pre-made schedule online or from your friends and teacher, but that may not be the best option for you. Therefore, it is important to create your own schedule or to ask a friend or teacher to assist you.

Below are the most frequently asked questions regarding the Haryana CET exam.

Q. Which book is best for CET Haryana?

There is no one book that is best for CET Haryana. You can use different resources to prepare for the exam. The best books to read for the CET exam are NECRT, HSSC All Exams Latest Solved Papers by Agrawal Examcart, Haryana Gk by Vidhyapeeth publication, and Fast Track Objective Arithmetic by Rajesh Verma.

Q. What is the syllabus for Haryana CET exam?


Subject No. of Questions Maximum Marks
General Awareness, Reasoning, English, Science, Maths, Hindi, Computer 75 75
Haryana General Knowledge 25 25
Total 100 100

I hope you have found this article about CET Exam 2022 : How To Prepare for Haryana CET helpful in preparing for the Haryana CET exam 2022. The last thing to remember is that success in any exam depends on preparation and hard work. So, don’t give up, keep studying, and you will be able to succeed in the exam.

My best wishes for your exam!

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